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Marine Grade Tacbac FR - T100FR - 1000


TacBac FR is a self-adhesive protection used on board passenger vessels to protect all types of carpet.

Florprotec stock two grades of flame-retardant carpet cover, TacBac fr which is tested to TS63/IMO Certified and TacBac TS63 which is both tested and certified to TS63 (suitable for commercial and domestic projects).

Available in 1.2m x 2.5m x 2mm

  • T100 | 0.6m x 100m
  • T101 | 1.0m x 100m
  • T102 | 1.2m x 100m

All products are outside wound.

TacBac should not be used on damp or wet carpets or carpet where adhesive has not cured.

Do not use over under-floor heating or in hot humid conditions.

For best results apply TacBac once your carpeted area has been vacuumed.

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