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Carpet and Flooring Tech Support

Technical Support & Project Management to BS5325

(Scope of Works : Carpets & Flooring)

Design & Layout Acceptance Protocols

Working closely with the Owner’s Architects, Designers & Manufacturers, to achieve signed approval of all carpet & flooring designs and detailed layout drawings.

Technical Support

providing technical support and advice to the Owner’s Representatives and/or Shipyard regarding correct material specifications, recommended deck/floor preparation, installation methods to BS5325 and accessory materials. Providing full technical data, including required MED/IMO certificates for materials.


Attending regular yard/site programming meetings to ensure that areas are available for installation according to the agreed program, therefore avoiding contractual penalties.

Planning/Roll Schedules

Co-ordinate carpet & flooring planning to ensure minimum wastage, adequate spare material and checking that seam positions are compatible to correct installation procedures. Provide all parties with detailed roll schedules and cutting plans, to ensure correct positioning of rolls & cut lengths.

Competitive Tenders

Negotiate competitive tenders, specification, delivery & installation schedules with Carpet & Flooring Manufacturers/Suppliers & Installation Contractors to ensure materials are delivered and installed on time, to standard & within budget

Factory Design & Colour Control

Cross check approved trial samples to ensure correct design repeat, alignment & colour definition prior to delivery, therefore eliminating the discovery of production faults once the materials are delivered to site.

On-board/Site Pre-installation Surveys

Carry out on-board/site surveys prior to installation and report on sub-floor conditions together with availability of areas. Arrange access and craning on facilities.

Regular Yard/Site Production Meetings & Reports

Prior to, and during installation, attend shipyard/site regular production meetings to ensure continuity of work to the Owner’s/Shipyard’s requirements and provide weekly progress reports.

Setting out & Marking up

Working with the Appointed Installers, set out & mark up areas for join positions, borders, centre motifs & panels, ensuring pattern alignment is correctly positioned according to specification.

On-board/Site Quality Control

During installation, check standards of workmanship for defects, with all necessary adjustments being made prior to handover.

Satisfaction Protocols

On completion of installation of each area, deck or fire zone, obtain signed satisfaction protocols from the Owner’s Representatives and/or Yard Deck/Site Managers, to be returned to base for invoice purposes.

Warranty Claim Management

Following an on-board/site survey & report - to include recommended solutions - negotiate claim settlements with all parties concerned and co-ordinate prompt execution of remedial works followed by signed satisfaction protocols

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